What we Offer

Our services are tailored towards meeting individual needs while others can be accessed by and within groups of individuals. Therefore, whether you are a farmer or a business entrepreneur that would like to take your business to another level,
you can rest assured that one of our various loan products will get you there.


You already receive a pension but have unexpected expenses looming? Why not apply for a Pension Loan and receive your pension in a lump sum. This way, you have the funds now to distribute into a saving and checking account, future vacation plans, or buying your dream house. Together with you, our Pension Loan frees you from waiting for your next pension check. You worked for it!


A micro loan is designed to support entrepreneurship. This loan facility allows customers to access funds to accelerate business growth using short term loans at favorable interest rates. Customers can access fast loans ranging from as low as 100,000/-UGX with flexible security like land sales agreements (kibanja), house hold items like TVs, sound system sofa sets, cookers, animals among others.


The Duckhill Salary Loan gives salaried people on permanent or contractual employment the ability and flexibility to comfortably meet their financial obligations. For Individual / Joint Financial needs.. Its aim is to provide solutions when you’re going through a shortterm gap in cash flow. With this loan you can, improve your home, buy a car, pay medical bills, tuition fees and much more.


We offer a Medium-Term, flexible, on-going facility that gives you access to credit as and when your business needs it. The revolving credit line is based on your business’ capability and capacity to meet repayments. Fixed repayments can be structured with us for up to 24 months. You may use the balance paid to extend the period of the loan without changing the amount of the repayments..


An education loan frees you from the task of accumulating sufficient money to fund your son/daughter’s higher education. And, with inflation and shifting prices, can you ever be 100% certain? A good education is expensive and the expenses aren’t changing in a predictable curve. A good education loan scales accordingly and helps you be safe from unexpected surprises..


We are official banking agents for STANBIC BANK, CENTENARY BANK & MTN MOBILE MONEY and we offer services like; Cash deposits, Cash Withdraw, Bill payments, School fees payments, Inter Account & Inter bank transfers, Money transfers, Mini statements & Balance inquiries, Airtime topup, Mobile money, Account opening.